Pirate Radio.

VBS - Pirate Radio Documentary

(Notes on this documentary)
OFCOM - UK Telecommunications regulator.
  • People set up radio stations in the waters (international seas) as there were different laws on the water than on the land.
  • 'Peoples rights to have their own radio station not run by the government'.
  • Kiss/Radio 1 started out as pirate radio stations at the start.
  • How is pirate radios funded?
  • Pirate radio stations find the new talent: Dizee Rascal, Wiley.
  • Rinse FM- Started out as a pirate radio station but developed into a brand as a result of the Internet: Myspace, Facebook, Website, Youtube.
  • Kiss 100: 1985 started out as an illegal station/1990 officially legal.

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