More Pirate Radio Stuff.

Despite pirate radio being known for over the air transmission, a new type of so called 'pirate radio' stations now operate on-line. The pirate radio stations will usually not pay copyright fees. The on-line stations will usually attract a small and loyal audience and may go unnoticed by the authorities, unlike the AM/FM pirates who can easily be heard and traced on a conventional radio.
As technology advances and becomes cheaper it is only a matter of time before a conventional transmitter is plugged into a wireless Internet device and relays the Internet radio on air.

'When i was doing it you needed an antenna duct-taped to the side of a tower block. Now? Now you can broadcast music live an unlicensed from and iPhone'

'Why risk liberty and limb shinning 20 floors up a lift shaft on a rainy Saturday night to hide a transmitter, when you can upload a music video to Youtube? As we discovered, most people listening to Britain's biggest pirate stations are now listening to them online. OFCOM can't catch you if you're bouncing your old school garage show off a server in nevada'

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